KVZ: Our Official Statement about the Sunset’s Lies and Defamations about KVZ


Hallo everybody, on 24th of May 2012 The US label Sunset Distribution Company published on their blog defamations about KVZ not paying royalties to Artists and Labels. Here are the facts and details about the payments KVZ has sent to Sunset Distribution Company via PayPal – THIS IS HOW KVZ “DOES NOT” pay to artists and labels – see PayPal evidences at the bottom of this post 🙂 We have asked many times and kindly Sunset and its CEO Don Lichterman, to remove the Defamations and false rumours about our company from their blog and since this has not been done as of today 16th of October 2012, we are forced to display in public the truth about the payments to Sunset in order to defend our public image as a decent and reliable music distributor.  Thank you for reading this blog!

Payment date Extra info
2011-11-26 Q2 and Q3, 2011 – Paid for All Sunset Labels via PayPal.  
2012-02-22 Q4, 2011 – Paid for All Sunset Labels via PayPal.  
2012-05-24 Q1, 2012 – Paid for All Sunset Labels via PayPal.  
2012-08-20 Q2, 2012 – Paid for All Sunset Labels via PayPal.  

5 thoughts on “KVZ: Our Official Statement about the Sunset’s Lies and Defamations about KVZ

  1. rowena27

    KVZ have always paid the royalties on time. We have been impressed with their fast email responses to queries and they have always been helpful towards our company. A great company to work with, thanks KVZ for 3 awesome years of distribution.

  2. Mikeloliver

    Molaman Records has been with KVZ for years. Not only is Kiril (CEO of KVZ) an honest man, he is a kind person and has clearly selected his staff using the same principles that he is motivated by. I can say this because I have had numerous interactions with Kiril and his staff over the years—mostly to ask him to save my ass from some stupid mistake I have made. Not only have they all been generous with their time, they have all be forthcoming with what has always amounted to valuable information that has either saved me time, money or in most cases both! In this business the likelihood of finding a third-party associate whom you may never meet but have to entrust with not only your product but yours revenue, one that you can rely on as well– these attributes have become less and less of a sure probability. Let me just state plainly here for the record, everyone at Molaman and our subsidiaries is entirely grateful for KVZ and there unmatched honesty & loyalty. We trust KVZ implicitly and consider these ridiculous statements being made about them by Sunset to be what will likely be proven as slanderous lies! There’s no other distributor on the planet that will ever supply the security and inmeasurable honesty that KVZ does. No other.

    Creative Director, Molaman

  3. MgA. Milan Malinovsky

    I only have good experience with KVZ Music, Ltd. Kiril Zdravkov, CEO of the company, has always put stress on professionalism, on both his company´s side and mine. He´s always made sure to act as opened and clear as possible, he has been very prompt and patient with his e-mail replies and even urged me and reminded me to send the invoice for outstanding royalties.

    MgA. Milan Malinovsky
    ENERGEES – digital music distribution

  4. Zika Jaksic

    The whole team of KVZ Music and Mr. Kiril Zdravkov in person can only serve as an example in the industry. Highly professional, extremely correct, customer oriented and always eager to hear you out and and respond to your current needs and/or requests. Needless to say, they have always payed out our royalties on time, and even urged us to invoice them at times. A partner one can only hope to have these days!


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